Girl Bye! I’m over it!

Sometimes you just don’t know… Anything. Haha!! Sometimes I don’t know if I’m going or coming but I always feel like I’m moving forward. I find myself questioning alot of things in my parenting skills, my role as a wife, friend, sister, daughter. I find myself wondering if I’m doing the right thing and if the people around me truly love and care for me. And it’s not that they don’t show it… it’s just that you know I just wonder. Do you?
Or is it just me? NO one told me parenting would be so time consuming, annoying, and everything else. They sold me a dream of sweet babies that grew up sharing with their siblings and cleaning up behind themselves, never whining, always obeying. You know the perfect kids. :0
Being the mother of 4 kids- one preteen, and three toddlers has it good days and bad. Some days I feel like the best mom ever and other days, I feel like checking myself into a mental hospital…. just saying. But I know you lovely readers have kids that are just angels. My kids are angels when they’re away from me, but when they’re at home……….let’s just say they’re a bit interesting 🙂 Our oldest daughter, Carmen, lives in NC so we mainly have frick, frack, and fred that live in our home….oops I meant Eva, Eryn, and Roman 🙂
I love my kids with all my heart, please don’t confuse that with my current rant. I just don’t understand how my kids, at their current ages (3,2,1-almost) can be so freaking rude, sweet, charming,  yet demanding all at the same time. For example, take Eryn–adventurous, daring, confident, a mini begging Felicia. Did I mention she’s only two, going on 25. My child will climb on ANYTHING if you’re not watching her and I do mean anything. 
Exhibit A: (don’t judge me, judge your mother)
Eryn closet
See what I am saying? I know you’re probably wondering how she got up there. I AM TOO!! I feel like I’m going to look back on this day and while giving a speech at the Olympics, I am going to reference this day and say something like “I always knew she was be here at the Olympics representing our country because she used to climb on everything as a child” LOL
In all seriousness, I love all of my kids and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be their mother and pour into their lives. Does that mean that it is peaches and cream every day? Not close to it, but I make it work and I hold myself to a higher standard because of my kids. Jesus promised to be our strength and to guide us. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us so when you’re having one of “those” days, reflect on God’s promise and he will help you get through all the yelling and screaming and begging mini Felicia’s 🙂
If you’re like me, you’re tired all the time, sleep deprived but just remember the reward of being apart of something bigger than you and myself. We’re raising the next generation, sis. You got this. I got this. WE GOT THIS!

Published by It’s Jess My Thoughts

It’s Jess My Thoughts takes you on a mental journey into my world and how I navigate through this life, chasing God’s purpose for my life all while juggling being a wife, mommy, Leader, sisterfriend. It’s hard work, but it’s all worth it. Take a load off, grab some coffee, and let’s unwind. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Girl Bye! I’m over it!

  1. So we’ll spoken and defined.Auntie always love reading your blog.continue to press forward.Love you 😘😘😘


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